CFB 2015 Holiday Schedule Changes

While it doesn’t necessarily FEEL like it’s the middle of December, the Holidays ARE upon us, so we just wanted to give a quick heads up to a couple of changes in our class schedule over the next few weeks.

  • The 6pm class will be cancelled on Friday, December 18th for our 2nd Annual Holiday/Anniversary Party.
  • Our 8:00am OLY class is cancelled Saturday, December 19th.  (9:30am TEAM, Open Gym, and Free Trial Class are still ON.)
  • We will be closed on the 24th after our 9:30am class (our 5:30am and 9:30am classes WILL be held).
  • We are closed on December 25th.
  • New Years Eve: we will be closed after the 9:30am class (our 5:30am and 9:30am classes WILL be held).
  • We are closed on New Years Day (January 1st).

Please contact us if you have any questions.  Happy Holidays to you all!


Carolyn Bunnell: CFB December 2015 BAM!

Meet Carolyn Bunnell… our December Breakout Athlete of the Month!


Carolyn (left) showing off her winnings from the CFB Fall Nutrition Challenge. (Thanks for all the YUMMY recipes, Carolyn!)

Carolyn has been CrossFitting for 1 year now, and has Shattered COUNTLESS Limits as a member of our CFB Family.  She is 100% committed to her training and is a prime example of what it means to be a true CrossFitter.  Carolyn embraces every WOD with a positive attitude and always looks for a way to be “better than yesterday”.  For her, CrossFitting is more than just exercise.  It’s a lifestyle.  One that has helped turn her health completely around!

We are so proud of Carolyn’s growth over the last 12 months.  When she joined our family, she wasn’t able to even hang from a pull-up bar.  Now you can find Carolyn doing all SORTS of things on the rig.  From banded pull-ups to (pain-free!) overhead presses, she continues to amaze us with her determination, dedication, and incredibly kind and giving heart.

Congratulations, Carolyn.  We are so happy you’re part of our family.

Visit our BAM! page to read more about Carolyn and to see our past BAM! Athletes!

Alan Baar: CFB November 2015 BAM!

Meet Alan Baar … our November Breakout Athlete of the Month!


Alan began CrossFitting in February of this year and has already set a few big goals for himself: the 400lb Deadlift Club, mastering his Double-Unders, and improving his Squat weight.  That shouldn’t take him long at all, considering he’s in the box day in and day out, working hard on technique and constantly aiming to improve from the day before.

When he’s not Hulk-smashing his rope climbs, he’s either hanging out with his dog Charlie (aka Charles Barkley) watching the Blackhawks, or hitting bombs in 16 inch softball on the weekends.  (Can we just talk about the fact that the man named his dog after Charles Barkley???  How can you NOT love this guy!?)

According to Alan, he’s got the best Jeep Wrangler at the box.  Hmmmm…those are some big words there, buddy! Kinda seems like there should be some sort of “Jeep pull for distance” WOD in the future?

Nah…we’ll let you own that title this month.  You’re the November BAM – it’s your month!  Congratulations, Alan.  We are so happy you’re part of our family.

Visit our BAM! page to read more about Alan and to see our past BAM! athletes.

CFB PRs: June – September

WOW!  We can’t believe summer is already over…good thing mother nature doesn’t realize it’s October (thank you for the warm fall temps ‘ma!).

We saw a TON of progress over the summer: new Foundations Graduates, new CFB Family Members, and new PRs!  There is truly nothing better than seeing you all Shatter Your Limits.  Way to go everyone!  Can’t wait to see what the Fall brings.

pr post 101015

Sandee: Floor Press 97#
T: Floor Press 125#
Johnny Angel: OHS 175#
Paul M: OHS 100#, T2B
Meg M: OHS 130#, Split Jerk, 155#
Lisa: Split Jerk 112#
Papa: Split Jerk 200#
Dana: 1K Row 4:07, Front Squat 175#, 500M 1:52, C&J 160#
Lexi: Back Squat 175#
Feray: Front Squat 90#
Roger: Strict Press 125#, Push Press 165#, Split Jerk 150#
Renee N.: Front Squat 95#
Brady: Fran 4:15
Carolyn: Floor Press 80#
Dr. Phil: 190# (what lift/movement, Dr. Phil?? 5 Burpee penalty for not writing it down!!! hahahaha)

Andrea Wehrle: CFB October 2015 BAM!

Meet Andrea “Drea” Wehrle … our October Breakout Athlete of the Month!


Drea started CrossFitting a little over a year ago and joined the CFB Family in December 2014.  When she’s not at the box racking up PRs (she recently rowed a 500m in 1:45 and ran a 400m in 1:18!), she’s either playing volleyball or soccer, or out running with her dog, Mila.  Drea also likes to volunteer her time with NWSRA, coordinating activities for individuals with disabilities.  To say she’s an active person is definitely an understatement!

We can’t get enough of Drea’s positive attitude and incredible passion for improving herself (and helping others) every single day, and we couldn’t be more excited to celebrate her this month.  The only thing left for you to do, Drea, is to show us your German dance!  (Yeah – you KNOW you have to now that it’s out there!)

Congratulations, Drea, and welcome to the BAM! family.

Visit our BAM! page to read more about Drea and to see our past BAM! athletes.

Say HELLO to CFB’s September Foundations Graduates!

Congratulations, Josh and Daniel…and welcome to the CFB family!  Next time you’re in the box, make sure to say “hey” to these new faces!  Can’t wait to watch you Shatter Your Limits!

Josh and Daniel Sept grads

CFB Oly Class Schedule Change – Starting Tuesday, Sept. 22

Just a quick note about CFB Oly classes: Starting next week, CFB Oly classes will be moving to TUESDAY evenings at 7pm.  We will still be offering Saturday morning Oly classes at 8am.  As a reminder, Oly classes are open to members and non-members.  Contact us for more information.


CFB PRs: January – March

Our athletes have been working HARD these first few months of 2015.  Just look at all the PRs we’ve seen so far this year!   Way to go, everyone!  Keep up the great work…we love to watch you Shatter Your Limits!


Amy: DL 212#, BS 140#, Power Snatch 80#, FS 125#
Kim H: DL 255#, BS 160#, FS 150#, PP 115#, PJ 125#
Sandee: OHS 60#
Roger: DL 305#, BS 210#, FS 185#
Matt S.: FS 225#, MU!!! (Welcome to the MU Club, Matt!)
Tim: DL 305#, SP 135#, BS 245#, MU!!! (Welcome to the MU Club, Tim!)
David: DL 345#, BS 225#, Marc, BS 230#
Lisa: DL 205#, BS 140#, Power Snatch 70#, FS 130#, PP 95#, PJ  100#
Dani: MU!!! (Welcome to the MU Club, Dani!)
T: 51 DUs
Andrea: DL 215#
Marc: DL 295#, FS 210#, PP 145#, PJ 145#
Feray: SP 50#, OHS 55#, FS 75#, PJ 65#
Carolyn: SP 60#, PP 50#, BS 90#, FS 80#, Power Snatch 70#, PJ 65#
Ken: PP 185#
Renee: SP 65#, Power Snatch 50#, FS 100#
Kimmy: SP 77#, BS 125#, FS 110#, PP 90#, PJ 95#
Niki: FS 120#
Cindi: FS 110#
JBomb: FS 130#, PJ 110#, C&J 115#
Doc Phil: FS 250#

The CrossFit Open: Are You In?


The Open is less than 3 weeks away.  Have you registered yet? No? Well, what are you waiting for?

The Open isn’t just for the experienced athlete.  In fact, it’s quite the opposite.  Last year, several CFB athletes competed in The Open for the very first time; from “newbies” who had only been CrossFitting for a month, to experienced athletes who have been WODing for 2 years and longer.

The Open is the perfect opportunity for everyone…and we mean EVERYONE…to challenge him or herself, establish benchmarks, and best of all, be a part of the worldwide CrossFit community.  But most importantly, it’s a chance to witness AND experience greatness – guaranteed!

Like Sandee, who had been CrossFitting for about 3 months before she signed up for her very first Open.  Sandee wasn’t too sure if The Open was for her, but she was up for a challenge, so she registered.  The very first WOD had Snatches and Double-Unders.  Sandee knew she could work through the Snatches, but DUs were another story.  Prior to 14.1, she had never done a single DU.  When time was called at the end of that WOD, Sandee had racked up more than 10 DUs!  Getting her first DU was a monumental achievement for her (for reasons more than just getting a few DUs)… the entire box was ecstatic!

Back in 2013, T signed up for The Open with just 2 months of CF experience.  WOD  13.4 was a 7-minute ladder (3, 6, 9… ) of Clean & Jerks and Toes to Bar.  Tara accomplished the first 3 C&J in under a minute, and then spent the next 6 minutes and 15 seconds attempting to get at least 1 T2B – with the support of the other athletes in the box surrounding her.  When time was called, T was only able to record her 3 C&J reps – she never did get a T2B…officially.  It was only after 3 more minutes of trying (being coached and supported by her community) that T finally got 1 T2B…and the excitement in the box was incredible.

And for those of you who participated in last year’s Open, you all know just how challenging 14.5 was: a descending ladder of Thrusters & Bar Over Burpees…FOR TIME (which meant that no matter what, you HAD to complete the entire WOD).  About half way through that WOD, Cindi wanted nothing more than for it to be over.  She wanted to quit, but she knew she had to find it in herself to finish.  14.5 was as grueling, mentally, as it was physically.  Tired and sore, Cindi pushed through, with the support and help of our CFB community and completed the WOD.  Was it the best time on the Leaderboard?  No…  But the personal victory for Cindi was far more important than anything else…and had she not signed up for The Open last year, she may never have had that amazing experience.

Several CFB athletes competed in The Open for the first time last year.  And we got to see so many of our athletes PR.  For example, Jessica S. (JBomb) got her first of several DUs and T2B (14.1 and 14.4), and PR’d her Deadlift (14.3).  Sir Phil posted a 75# Deadlift PR, SHATTERING a mental hurdle he had for a long time with DLs.  Without The Open, Phil believes he never would have been able to overcome the mental block he had.

The Open means different things to different people.  For the most part, however, the athletes who have competed in the past have said it’s great to participate in an event that spans the globe, yet brings us closer as a CrossFit community.  Knowing there are hundreds of amazing stories out there of people doing incredible things, accomplishing personal goals, and seeing just how far they’ve come – that’s the reason they sign up.

So…what are you waiting for!  Register TODAY for the 2015 CrossFit Open.  Challenge yourself…see where your opportunities are…and best of all, “Shatter Your Limits”!  If you’re still not convinced, here are a few articles that shed more light on The Open and what to expect if you decide to participate.

Tabata Times: To Do, Or Not To Do (The CrossFit Open)…That Is The Question

BoxLife: The Open’s New Scaled Division

The Box: I’m Doing The Open

About The Open


Cinderella Paleo at CFB: Feb 9th

Hey, Breakout Family!  Are you tired of the daily meal prep?  Wish there were quick meal solutions that were also GOOD FOR YOU?

We’re excited to announce that Cinderella Paleo will be at the box Monday evening (Feb. 9th), from 4:30pm-7:30pm, sampling their amazing, CLEAN food options and answering questions about their nutritious Paleo Meal Plans.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity to taste some incredible food and see how Cinderella Paleo can help you improve your athletic performance, make your life a little healthier, AND reduce the stress!

Cinderella Flyer 1Cinderella Flyer 2