PRs 01.18.14

There’s been a LOT of activity at the box since the last PR post and we’re excited to share some highlights with you!

  • We celebrated the holidays by hosting our first Reindeer Games – a week-long, double-WOD challenge that brought out tons of “firsts” and PRs.  Way to go everyone!
  • Our members shared their Breakout experience with friends and family during our Bring A Friend WOD – we LOVED seeing all the new faces so thank you ALL for joining us!
  • We had 2 Foundations classes graduate: 1 in December and 1 in January.  So very proud of each and every one of you.  Big things ahead for all of you!
  • And finally, we watched you Shatter Your Limits!  Lots of PRs were established and we couldn’t be more proud.  You all continue to push yourselves AND each other every day and it’s because of the tremendous support of this Breakout family (and the individual hard work) that you were able to achieve these records.   (Reminder: Don’t forget to record your PR on the whiteboard so we can share it with everyone!)

T: Deadlift 285#; S. Press 85#; Squat Clean 135#
MeowZa: Deadlift 245#
Dek: Deadlift 235#; Squat Clean 140#
Mai: “Annie” in 9:00 Rx; Squat Clean 120#
Reno: P. Snatch 160#
Dani: Deadlift 275#; Squat Clean 125#
Cindi: Deadlift 155#
Dana: T2B

Keep up the awesome work everyone!