December Breakout Athlete of the Month: Jared Walkowitz

Meet Jared Walkowitz…our December Breakout Athlete of the Month!

Jared Walkowitz - Dec 2017 BAM

Jared is one of our “East Coasters”, originally from Wycoff, NJ (about 45 minutes from NYC).  He and his wife moved to Illinois about 2 ½ years ago to start, and raise, their family.  Besides singing nursery rhymes, reading books and giving baths to his two beautiful daughters, Jared’s other full-time job is with the IL Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity.  He helps build and enhance the state’s economy through business and organizational development.  Basically, Jared’s the guy who makes sure government grants are awarded to, and are being used by, local organizations and businesses in IL for economic growth.  That’s pretty impressive!

Jared started CrossFitting in 2010 and is part of the Breakfast Club (5:30am group) here at CFB.  One thing we’ve learned about Jared that’s actually pretty cool is that he has tracked his WODs since 2013 so that he can see how far he’s come and where he has yet to go.  He says this is one of the things that keeps him so motivated.  But he admits, nothing motivates him more than Bro Tank Fridays.

Jared has come a long way since his “extremely scaled” Fran (15# training bar and ring rows) in 8+ minutes.  His biggest accomplishment isn’t a PR snatch or getting his first muscle up (although snatching more weight IS something he has on his radar for 2018).  What Jared is most proud of is just learning how to alter his lifestyle to become a healthier version of himself.

And that is why we love Jared…because while having super-human strength so he can “out floor press Jeff Taylor” would be awesome, what Jared is most focused on is bettering his life and the lives around him.

Thanks for keeping it real, Jared!  We are so thankful that you’re part of the CFB family.  And we are so proud to call you our Breakout Athlete of the Month for December.

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