November Breakout Athlete of the Month: Janea Ortega

Meet Janea Ortega…our November Breakout Athlete of the Month!


Janea packs a HUGE punch in her tiny frame.  Born in the Philippines, she moved to the US with her family at 8 years old.  She skipped the 3rd grade and she says it was because of her age, NOT because she was super smart, but we beg to differ 😊.  From what we’ve seen since she’s joined our family, Janea is not only super smart, but all an around amazing human being!

Janea started CrossFitting a little over 2 years ago.  She is always raising the bar and putting in extra time and effort to better herself.  We love that she is determined to shatter her limits each and every day.  Case in point: she recently PR’d her back AND front squat…by 20 lbs!!!  Next up: butterflying her pull ups and chest to bar (you got this, girl!)

Her grit and dedication come from her many years of playing sports through school, and her compassion for everyone around her shines through non-stop.  Janea, we are so happy that you’re part of the CFB family!  We appreciate your level of commitment, kindness to everyone, and your great attitude that you bring to the box every day.  We are so proud to call you our Breakout Athlete of the Month for November.

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