About Us

CrossFit Breakout is a diverse community of athletes…moms and dads, military, business executives, students, grandparents – you name it – dedicated to helping you become WHO and WHAT you want to be.  We are a family here at CrossFit Breakout, and our passion is helping you find your own personal greatness.  We are a hard-working, supportive community, and our connection extends well beyond the box.

At CrossFit Breakout, you’ll learn the fundamentals of CrossFit and key elements of physical fitness.  But that’s just the beginning.  At CrossFit Breakout, we Shatter Your Limits.  We do more than just exercise.  We improve lifestyles.  We help you understand how to become your BEST self.  We change lives – and we celebrate those changes in a big way.  Whether it’s a personal record on your dead lift or that you’ve finally lost that last 5 pounds, we are focused on elevating YOU to new heights and making what seemed impossible…well…POSSIBLE!

Regardless of how you heard about us, what you know about CrossFit, or how you even got to this page – we’re just happy you’re here!  So, stick around and check out the site.  Meet our coaches  and see what our family has been up to.  Then come on down and check us out or give us a call at 847.903.9680. Tell us your story, set up a FREE one-on-one consultation or just chat! We’d love for you to join our Breakout family and begin to Shatter Your Limits!

Come for the coaching…Stay for the community!